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Each of us have different needs and desires when it comes to learning about and getting involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain. Some want to just learn the basics. Others want to learn in-depth. Some want to learn how to day trade, while others just want to learn how to accumulate for the future. Get with me to build out your customized solution which is  a combination of set coachings designed for all, along with a set of topics designed just for your needs. Contact me today to get started with a custom solution for you!

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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Education 

With my offerings of various coaching programs and partnerships with select education platforms and cryptocurrency program tools, you will get the most well rounded training and coaching that will not only help you in cryptocurrency but also in many aspects of life, like a well rounded wheel. 

Ongoing Support For Whatever Needs Arise, Now And In The Future

Building a personalized approach for your needs, we can adapt as needed and as your needs for cryptocurrency and blockchain education evolves. As cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream, individuals and businesses will have a growing need to understand all aspects of this space. Jump ahead of the curve with your solution now. 

What My Clients are Saying

"Working with Wayne and learning about cryptocurrency has truly opened my eyes.  His patient and complete review of the subject has not only allowed me to earn money, but he is also helping me and my family invest in our financial future.  He is just the coach you need to help you navigate through this new crypto world safely."

Karen Clark-Reddon

Event Strategist, Events At Devonshire

“I’m over 50 and crypto is foreign to most of my peers. Blockchain Wayne keeps it simple. Wayne’s insight has inspired me to invest in crypto over multiple platforms and varied coins. It’s exciting and futuristic. I love being “in the know.” Wayne, thank you for encouraging my continued growth.“

Tami Dubose

Blue Roof Holdings, LLC

“I have been educating myself on the cryptocurrency space and blockchain since 2016.  I can honestly say that I utilize and heavily rely on Blockchain Wayne. His resources serve as an informative, educational source to stay updated on what’s happening. Wayne has a natural way to make education easy to understand for the everyday person.  If you’re like me and want to stay plugged into the various things happening in this industry look no further. Wayne is such a knowledgeable respectable mentor in the cryptocurrency industry. I am forever grateful for his time, insights, and content and I look forward to what’s coming next.“

Chelsea Hulin

Registered Nurse

“I got involved in cryptocurrency back in late 2017 after Bitcoin was approaching its lifetime peak. After it started to drop, I started to lose interest. Nearly 6 months later I met Blockchain Wayne and his educational courses and conversations taught me more than I ever thought I would learn about not only crypto, but also the deep and robust power of the blockchain. Such a valuable leader.”

Brian A. Street

Your Legacy Begins Now, LLC

“I heard about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency back in 2013, I thought it was kind of a joke or more of just a platform that would be used in video games.  I soon realized that this technology will change the world.  The industry is constantly updating and evolving, so keeping up can be tough.  I rely on Blockchain Wayne to keep me updated on the industry.”

Seth Casey

Owner, Jaquith Worldwide

Blockchain Wayne provides useful information weekly information that helps me understand Cryptocurrency in depth.  The biggest takeaway so far is understanding  the different types of coins and how the market is trending throughout the week.  It’s worth your time and attention, no doubt.

Al Curry

Certified Personal Trainer

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